The Valli Girls -Drug Free-Hormone Free Meat Shop, 318 Ontario Street, Unit 1B, St. Catharines Martindale
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The Valli Girls -Drug Free-Hormone Free Meat Shop

Drug and hormone free meat store featuring only local farmers, produce of the Niagara area from sustainable farms. Ask about any of our products, we'll tell you what farm it came from including: chicken, dry aged beef and Birkshire pork products. From farm to your table we carry the best, tastiest meats from truly hormone and antibiotic free farms. Also we carry jams, deli meats, salsas, cookware, oils and vinegars from Tuscany Italy.

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Beef We carry grass-fed beef from Faul Farms. Ed and his wife Shirley are conscientious farmers with traditional farming values and guarantee their beef is 100% antibiotic and hormone free. All of their animals are born and raised on their farm – this is called a closed cow-calf herd which is unique in today’s marketplace. What this means is that all cows are born on their farm and no outside animals are brought into the herd so the risk of spreading diseases is significantly reduced therefore antibiotics are not given to the animals. Equally important is the food the animals eat. Ed there is nothing else like it. Deli Meats & Cheeses We source our deli meats from a Mennonite family in Floradale. They use antibiotic free meats to make all of their wholesome products that we carry. Our cheeses come from two companies – Monteforte Dairy, an artisanal cheese maker from Stratford and Bright’s Cheese and Butter Mfg. from Shakespeare Ontario. Both are outstanding at producing the tastiest cheeses. Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars We have partnered with Casa Toscana to provide you with authentic extra virgin olive oil direct from their family farm in Tuscany Italy. Casa Toscana uses traditional and natural methods to extract the oil from the olives without the use of excessive heat, additives or solvents. We believe this is the best tasting olive oil around! Our balsamic vinegar comes from Modena and we offer four selections 1 year, 3 year, 5 year and 9 year. Similar to the Olive Oil the balsamic vinegar is bottled for you in our store. Jams & Preserves We source these products from two Mennonite families from the St. Jacobs area. Using old family traditional recipes these families make delicious jams and preserves to satisfy all. When in season local fruits and vegetables are always used. Marinades, Rubs & Splashes We have selected local entrepreneurs to stock our shelves with marinades, splashes and rubs to compliment any meat dish. These products are made as natural as possible and in small batches. All of our entrepreneurs have a unique story and have a passion for what they do. Cast Iron Cookware We offer a selection of Lodge Cast Iron Cookware. Cast iron cookware is best known for health benefits, durability and versatility. - See more at:
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